Everything You Should Know About AY Builders & Developers

Everything You Should Know About AY Builders & Developers

Are you someone looking for a construction expert who will not only transform your dream building into reality but make everything convenient for you? Then, you are in the right place.

Pakistan is one of the most widely growing countries in Asia, and it’s all because Karachi is the hub of the cities with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art buildings that don’t let viewers blink their eyes for a minute.

You’ll have been to Bahria town, and no one can stop appreciating the beauty that place adds to viewers’ eyes.

AY Builders in Bahria town promises the same results to the clients.

Out of numerous builders and construction companies, AY Builders and Developers has taken the lead by offering cutting-edge, durable, and awe-inspiring construction services that only add beauty to your dream project but make you stand out from the rest!

You can book your dream house with us and get it in a time frame of 4 years. Sounds promising, no?

We’ve escalated ourselves as one of the best construction companies in Pakistan and have served a diverse group of people who wanted a dream villa to live and spend their lives in comfort.

Whether it’s AY builders’ apartments, buildings, or shopping malls, everything you will get from us will be high in quality and will never make you regret your decision to choose us.

You must be thinking about how it started and how AY builders and developers made a strong image in the market?

For your ease, here is a quick recap of what we have been doing so far, along with the core reasons choosing us is beneficial for you.

Are you ready to unfold some exciting AY builders’ projects and insight? Let’s get started!

How AY Builders and Developers Made Themselves A Household Name In Pakistan

AY builders and developers is a subsidiary of the AY Group of Companies and plan to create a revolutionary change in the construction business all over Pakistan.

The founders were bored of the same monotonous construction activities used by various builders to construct the dream villas of clients.

To create a change in the market and be a disruptor, they equipped some of the best people in town who shared the same sense of responsibility and creativity as the founder of the business.

AY builders in Bahria town plan to fabricate innovation and use state-of-the-art facilities and practices to bring something out-of-the-box for the clients.

Their critical mission is to lay the foundation for the construction business and win customers’ hearts with realistic approaches.

AY builder’s project pricing is quite reasonable because they focus on quality and never let people feel demotivated.

They have already taken the initial step toward launching competent workmanship to deliver the best client outcomes. AY builders and developers are working with a competitive mindset, that is, to use an innovative structure that doesn’t only grow over time but gives a peaceful experience to the people.

Their vision is to redefine the future of construction and build in a comfortable and sustainable place.

Here are the core features of AY Builders and Developers:

  1. AY builder’s projects will be high in quality, and you can not stop adoring them.
  2. Your project will be built with delicacy and uniqueness, just the way you want it.
  3. AY builders and developers are committed to using high-end tools and professional experts who will lay the foundation of your dream building.

Both the pillars of AY builders and developers, Muhammad Ali (CEO) and Abdul Rehman (Director) seek to transform Pakistan with their venture and make it a beautiful living place..

And we’re done with the quick discussion on how it all started and who laid the foundation of the business.

But, again, you must be thinking, what do AY builders’ projects look like?

For your ease, we’ve covered it up over here.

GM Mall & Lodges – A Renowned AY Builders Projects

One of the notable AY builder projects includes GM Mall and lodges, considered one of the luxurious projects of the construction experts.

It’s known for its excellence and the time invested by people to make it what it is today!

Book your next slot with us, and watch your dream projects be constructed in front of you in years to come!

GM Mall and Lodges mark the entry of AY builders and developers into the development realm all over Pakistan.

It is a cutting-edge elevation that reflects the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, built in the luxurious setting of Bahria Town Karachi.

It’s a joint venture of AY builders, diamond builders, and builders and developers.

GM Mall and Lodges include;

  1. 3 basements, ground plus 25 floors project.
  2. 7,536.64 square yards projects.
  3. Only 1.5 km away from the main gate of Bahria Town.
  4. GM Mall and Lodges are located near the Theme Park, Midway, and Danzoo, so, if you feel bored, go to the park for some fun!
  5. Beautiful villas surround GM Mall and Lodges.
  6. It has the most stellar and compelling interior that repeatedly entices people to watch it!
  7. Not to forget, it has an exceptional AY builders apartment that has a private swimming pool(s).

We’re now done with unfolding one of the most well-known and stellar projects of AY builders and developers.

Explore the shores and learn about the AY builder’s project pricing plans.

AY Builders Project Pricing Plans

The payment for the AY builders project is divided into 48 monthly installments.

  1. You have to make a 25% down payment.
  2. You have to give 10% when digging into your dream project.
  3. You will be paying a 55% monthly installment.
  4. You will have to give the remaining 10% on having the project.

Exciting no? Many of us think that getting a dream project developed in the most famous place in Pakistan, Bahria Town, will be pretty expensive, but we’re wrong!

As always, AY Builders and Developers have always focused on providing customers comfort rather than just working on quantity.

To give them peace and comfort, both the leading parties of the company have worked closely with the pricing plans and come up with a standard plan that can be quickly paid off over the time frame.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your dream villas booked with us now! 

Wrapping Up | Why Choose AY Builders & Developers For Constructing Your Dream Projects

And we are done with discussing the core AY builder projects, pricing, the GM mall, and lodges that made them enter the market with a bang! The entire force of AY builders and developers plans to bring in the technological revolution in the Pakistan construction industry and make people crave the uniqueness they’ve been offering.

To fulfill this reason, we, along with our creative heads, are working every day restlessly to introduce a different viewpoint and build a new perspective of living in Pakistan.

We have always planned things up and worked dedicatedly to gain your trust and build a situation that will make you feel comfortable. Are you ready to venture into the journey of innovation?

So stay determined as the entire team of AY builders is excited to get more things for you! Stay tuned to read more blogs unfolding some exciting surprises for you.


You got the questions; we’ve got the answers!

How are GM Malls and Lodges related to AY builders and developers?

GM Mall and Lodges is one of the most impressive projects of AY builders that made them enter the development and construction realm. The beautifully designed and constructed lodges have contemporary floor plans with spacious layouts. Moreover, this area is planned to give a comfortable living experience to the residents with separate swimming pools in more than 12 AY builder apartments.

Who are the founders of AY builders and developers?

There are two masterminds behind running this successful venture: Muhammad Ali, the company’s CEO, and Abdul Rehman, Director of AY builders. They both believe in teamwork and collaborative approach because teamwork makes the dream work! Their motive is to use advanced techniques that have never been used in Pakistan and lay the foundation of the company that will build its brand value.

In how many years will I get my project delivered?

If you wish to book AY builders and developers for your project, congratulations, your dream project will be delivered within 4 years. You can have any kind of building or apartment constructed by us; regardless of the design, we will always provide you with high results!

Is AY builders and developers located in Bahria town?

Yes, AY builders and developers are located in Bahria town, one of the well-known places for its beauty and uniqueness. People around the city crave to visit Bahria town and dream of having a villa or apartment there. If you sign up with AY builders and developers, your dream will be a reality!