AY Builders Launches GM Mall & Lodges | Luxury Apartments

AY Builders Launches GM Mall & Lodges | Luxury Apartments

AY builders and developers are well known for their elite construction services, adding value to the client’s living. AY group of companies has been working restlessly since 2022 and plans to get more outcomes in the future! They’re located in the central of Bahria Town, Karachi, bringing a new comfortable way of living. 

If you wish to know more about AY builders and developers, like how it started and who the people behind this fantastic venture are, then keep on reading, and you will learn everything yourself.

This blog will discuss and unfold some exciting project details, pricing, and benefits of GM Mall and Lodges. 

Anyhow, let’s get started…

GM Mall & Lodges – The Most Luxury Apartment In Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is one of the most beautiful places, and people from all around the city come to visit it once due to the alluring places it and, like, like Danzoo, Amusement part, and a lot of lovely parks.

If you want to project your ideas into reality, then AY builders and developers are your best choices! Book your dream projects with them, and see the magic yourself.

They recently launched their project in 2022, GM Mall and Lodge, and it’s one of the best projects ever. It’s located in central Bahria Town Karachi, surrounded by Danzoo, Amusement parks, and various cafes, giving a meaningful sight to the residents.

It’s one of the best luxury apartments in Bahria Town Karachi. For people looking for places to have a comfortable time and invest their money without any worries about anything, then this project is ideal for them. 

Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s the best investment opportunity in Bahria Town, and take the pledge of becoming an owner of the most luxurious places.

But wait, you must think, why choose GM Mall and Lodges? What’s captivating about it?

For your assistance, we’ve covered all the details later on regarding GM Mall and Lodges so you can make the right decision.

GM Mall and Lodges – Project Details 

GM Mall and Lodges are so captivating that anyone watching it can not disappear without appreciating its look and feel. The cutting-edge elevation reflects the pinnacle of luxury and makes people’s lives comfortable and fabulous in the most amusing place, Bahria Town.

It has an exclusive swimming pool in Bahria Town, which is not more than heaven for the people. Their resident doesn’t have to go anywhere outside society but enjoy a peaceful time with their families, like going to parks, eating delicious food, and spending quality time.

Anyhow, GM Mall and Lodge includes;

GM Mall and Lodges include;

  1. 3 basements, ground plus 25 floors project.
  2. 7,536.64 square yards projects.
  3. Only 1.5 km away from the main gate of Bahria Town.
  4. GM Mall and Lodges are located near the Theme Park, Midway, and Danzoo, so if you feel bored, go to the park for fun!
  5. Beautiful villas surround GM Mall and Lodges.
  6. It has the most stellar and compelling interior that repeatedly entices people to watch it!
  7. Not to forget, it has a particular AY builders apartment that has a private swimming pool(s).

Hands down, it’s one of the best luxury apartments in Bahria town, with an exclusive swimming pool, all designed and constructed by AY Group of Companies.

As we’re now clear with the basics, like the project details, let’s start unfolding the project pricing to have a better idea, and proceed further. 

AY builders and developers always stay competitive in the market and plan to choose the best quality material and construction experts to lay the foundation of the building. Because they know a little negligence can risk the lives of many people inside the buildings.

GM Mall And Lodges – Project Pricing 

The project pricing plan for anyone who plans to purchase anything from AY Builders and Developers includes the following:

  1. You have to make a 25% down payment.
  2. You have to give 10% when digging into your dream project.
  3. You will be paying a 55% monthly installment.
  4. You will have to give the remaining 10% on having the project.

You should have a solid initial investment to book your dream plot in Bahria Town, Karachi.

Karachi has less security, and people are worried about their lives. In such a worst scenario, Bahria Town Karachi is the best place to live. 

AY group of companies has people like  Muhammad Ali, the company’s CEO, and Abdul Rehman, Director of AY builders, who’re always on thier toes to bring the best for the customers.

That is why many people have already booked GM Mall and Lodges, and we can’t wait to make it more publicly available for everyone.

Lastly, we will discuss some core project benefits to make you more projectile and firm with the decision to choose them as your life partners.

Project Benefits

Here are the benefits you will get after booking your dream project with AY Builders and Developers.

  1. You will have a luxury apartment in Bahria Town.
  2. This a fantastic opportunity to invest in money and grow yourself.
  3. The living standard is so exceptional that you can’t stop adoring it.
  4. No hidden payment; you have to pay the one signed at the start of the project.
  5. Your dream project will be built keeping your requirements in mind to produce the best result possible!
  6. The team is committed to building something exceptional and concrete with high-end tools.

Key Takeaway | GM Malls and Lodges

And we are done with the discussion now! I hope you all enjoyed reading about GM Malls and Lodges and how it has become one of the most significant projects in Bahria Town, Karachi. Those keen to spend quality time with family and lead happiness in their lives will always look out for comfortable, sleek, and natural places. Bahria town is the best place with high-end security, prosper environment, and quality villas all around giving a luxury feel.

So, without further delay, start connecting with AY builders and developers to get your dream villa built for your families. Happy reading! 


You got the questions, and we have the answers! Read more to get all the relevant answers to your questions.

Who developed AY Builders and Developers?

Muhammad Ali (CEO) and Abdul Rehman (Director) are the creative heads behind running this fantastic venture, AY builders and developers. They formed this excellent organization under the influence and support of AY builders, diamond builders, and builders and developers.

What are GM Mall and Lodges?

It’s one of the most prestigious and notable projects of AY builders and developers in Bahria Town, Karachi. They’re offering a new living standard to the people of Karachi and want them to cherish the most amazing moments with their families.

Where are GM Mall and Lodges located?

It’s located in the central of Bahria town, Karachi, covering numerous prime locations like Danzoo, Amusement parks, and some stellar villas giving a fantastic effect to the users.

In how many years will I get my project in hand?

Your dream project will be delivered in 4 years maximum. However, you have to pay money to get the project registered under your name after 4 years.