GM Mall & Lodges Offering World Class Amenities in Precinct 2  Bahria Town Karachi

GM Mall & Lodges Offering World Class Amenities in Precinct 2  Bahria Town Karachi

AY Builders and Developers take pride in offering world-class amenities in GM Mall & Lodges, ensuring a luxurious and convenient experience for residents and visitors. 

Here are some specific amenities you can expect to find:

1. Private Swimming Pool

The 3-bedroom apartments within GM Mall & Lodges have the exclusive privilege of a private swimming pool. Residents can enjoy a refreshing swim and relax in the privacy of their own space.

2. Gym

The development includes a well-equipped gym with modern fitness equipment. Residents can maintain their fitness routine conveniently within the premises, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

3. Separate Car Parking

Ample and dedicated car parking spaces are provided to residents, ensuring convenience and ease of access. Having a designated parking area enhances security and streamlines parking arrangements.

4. Kids Play Area

GM Mall & Lodges includes a dedicated play area for children. It offers a safe and engaging environment for kids to play, socialize, and have fun under the supervision of their parents or guardians.

5. Prayer Area 

Recognizing the diverse needs of residents, a prayer area is incorporated within the development. This provides a tranquil space for individuals to worship and observe their religious practices.

6. Bowling Alley

The mall section of GM Mall & Lodges features a state-of-the-art bowling alley. Visitors can enjoy recreational bowling with family and friends, creating memorable experiences and fostering a sense of community.

World-Class Infrastructure

The builders and developers ensure that the infrastructure of GM Mall & Lodges meets international standards. This includes well-designed and aesthetically pleasing architecture, advanced building systems, efficient utilities, and high-quality construction materials.

AY Builders and Developers continually aim to provide the best facilities to enhance the overall living experience and meet the expectations of their residents and visitors.