Following many years of experience in construction and development, AY Builders has decided to embark on a new journey. AY Builders and Developers was founded with a revolutionary vision to change the world of luxury as we know it. By designing facilities that are both smart and extraordinary, AY Builders seeks to transform Pakistan and make this country a better place.


Our vision is to be adamant about establishing strong foundations that will stand the test of time in an ever-evolving world. We want to create designs that are stunning at first glance. We want to share the concept of luxury living with everyone and make it profitable for all. We construct with vision, excellence, and pride by which we are eager to gain your trust every step of the way.


To bring a technological revolution in Pakistan’s construction industry. To be able to introduce a different & unique viewpoint that epitomize a new perspective of luxury lifestyle in Pakistan. We want to gain your trust and want to serve as an evidence that every single ambition is achievable. So together with determination and hard-word, we are eager to bring something unique to the table with every single project.

A Message Our CEO

We believe in making a revolution with advanced techniques that are never seen before in Pakistan. we have laid the foundation of this company with concrete beliefs. We want to move forward and upwards with our hard work and distinctive approach.

Our goal is to  build a company that’s known for its innovation, reliability, and dedication to quality, We believe that if you put in the effort, you’ll get a return on your investment, whether it’s in your pocket or in our bank. account.

~ Muhammad Ali ~

A Message Our Director

We believe that success is not a dream if you put hard work into it. With this in mind, we set out to create a standard of excellence in the field of construction and development throughout Pakistan. Our aim is to be eminently reflected in our creations, so that when you see our buildings and developments, you know they were built with care and attention to quality.

~ Abdul Rehman ~

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